July 21, 2010


Hello all!! Whew! What a long day it has been - but is has been AMAZING and FUN!!! Candice and I started our day pretty darn early, getting over to do some shopping at Momento Mall, attend a special class, and then head over to Riverton Campus for the tour of the facilities over there! And then tonight we had the flower power party and WOW! we saw some fun outfits!  I have some fun pictures to share to show you about our day! This first pic is Candice and I at the Riverton building - the flags in the background are the colors for Convention this year and are bright, fun, and make me smile! The facility was as gorgeous as ever, with all the displays in the legacy room redone with all the new products from this year.  We were in awe of all the amazing things that were in that room created out of our wonderful products!! Here are a few of the things we saw:
Isn't this gorgeous??!! I was amazed - everything in this display is made of paper, but looks sooooo edible, just yummy LOL!!  Gorgesous renditions of cakes, cookies, lollipops, cupcakes, etc. - just absolutely eye catching!
This second pic is a desk I want in my home - as long as it has everything you see here already ready to use, lol! Isn't it fun and inspiring? I just love the use of the Decor Elements on the door, the fun calendar on the cork board, and of course the flower paper clips :-)  I wanted to sit down right then and there and start to stamp but Candice would not let me, heehee!
This next picture was located in the vintage room and is just beautiful! All of the items were antiques and were accented with all handmade items made from our beautiful vintage items in the new catalog - I just loved this room!  I could have stayed at Riverton all day - there was so much to look at and see, and we got to talk to quite a few of the staff there who were as wonderfully warm and friendly in person as they are when we talk to them on the phone! I tell ya, next to being a demonstrator, these folks have the best job in the world - I am wondering how the commute to Utah would be, LOL!  So, after doing the tour, it was time for all us gals to get ready for the Flower Power party over at the Convention Center.  We met up with my stamping group once we got over there and of course had to take some groovy pictures!
Candice and I even got on taken on the way over - hey, we did not care who was looking at us funny, we were having a wonderful time *wink*
 Once we got there, we met up with my friends from my group - here is a picture of me, Kimberly (my upline) and Christy (my sideline) in our Flower Power gear, lol! These two women are such a hoot and I have really missed them. With all of us being military, we have moved several times so none of us are in the same location any longer.  So, Convention and Leadership are the times we are all able to get together and have some fun!  Kimberly is the one in the black wig and Christy has the long locks :-) 
Candice and I also had the opportunity to have our picture taken with Shelli Gardner (CEO and founder of SU!) who was there and dressed in her grooviest threads - that is one thing I love about her, she is always participating and mingling with all of us,stopping to chat and visit!  Tonight she made my night because the first thing she said to me was "oh, I love your necklace, it's just beautiful" and it was one I made with our fabulous Simply Adorned jewelry (I will post pics, my camera battery is charging as I type this, heeeheee).  Here is mine taken with Shelli! She was being such a good sport, having to take pics over and over again with all of us, but she kept on smilin' and was giving us the peace sign, lol!  We had a great day today and tomorrow will be another fun-filled, but very busy day as we will be taking lots of classes tomorrow and seeing some of the fabulous staff demonstrate product uses - such fun, I cannot wait!!
So, I will leave you with one last picture of yours truly having fun at the Flower Power party and then I will say goodnight until tomorrow night when I pop in to update you with some more Convention news :-)  Thanks so much for stopping by and please let me know what you think so far - you just know you all want to come with me next year, right?  Have a good night!

July 20, 2010


Hello all!! I know I have been a bad blogger for the last week BUT I have been getting ready for Convention! I am in Salt Lake City hanging out with the girls and I am grinning ear to ear :-) I wanted to post one of my swaps but forgot to take the pic today so I promise you will get to see one tomorrow along with the first day of Convention! I will be posting everyday because I promised my downline and some of my customers a daily accounting of Convention.  Lots of pics and fun things to share coming your way this week! I will be back tomorrow to share - hugs and smooches to all of you!!!