April 18, 2012


Hi All! I can't tell you enough how much appreciate all the love and support I have received from all of you as I travel this very bumpy road. Life has been hard these last two months, but each day things get a little bit easier. I am focusing on my children right now as my son will graduate high school this year, and I want him to remember all the good things about this year, and not what is happening right now. So, I am neck deep in prom plans, graduation night, his 18th birthday, and plans for his future. My daughter is struggling and we are at odds a lot, but I am confident that with the passing of time, she will adjust because she knows I love her and I will always be here for her. I have just had knee surgery to fix the problem that happened a year ago, so I am off my feet for six weeks! So, I have been doing some stamping, and I am hopeful that I will start posting some fun things for you soon. I felt that I had lost all of my mojo, nothing seemed to turn out right and I have lots of card stock in the trash can, lol! BUT, I managed to eek out a few cards and that makes me smile again. I am facing several court dates in the near future, and that is hard, but I am going to push through them, and know that my future will hold something good for me. I never thought I would find myself in this position; I guess none of us do really who go through this. However, I have a strong faith and believe that God must have some other plans for me so I am putting my trust in Him and moving on with my life. I am unbelievably sad right now, but as I am often told, "this too shall pass".  I am reaching deep inside myself to find the courage and the strength that I will need to make it through the next two months with my dignity intact. I will then concentrate on what is next for me and my children. I have not been really doing my business right now, but I hope to start it back up again sometime in the near future because I absolutely love what I do, it makes me so very happy.  Thanks again to all of you wonderful ladies, your comments, emails, and cards have maid me smile on days that I did not think it was possible. I love you all; you have reinforced my belief that crafters have the biggest hearts of anyone!