September 29, 2009


Sick In Bed Hi there all!! Thanks for all the nice emails checking up on me - I am doing a lot better than I have been these last seven days. See, my daughter got sick, then my son, then me....and we have ALL had the dreaded H1N1 virus aka the Swine Flu. Yep, I am here to tell ya that it is NOT a fun flu at all!! High fevers for days, and total misery for all of it!! I am definitely on the mend now as my fever finally broke yesterday afternoon, but I am still very tired and weak so I guess maybe in another few days I should be feeling much better! I have had to cancel two workshops and miss lots of work, but my kiddos are doing a LOT better and are back in school - seems I am the one who is lagging....must be my old age, lol! Seriously though, if you have the flu, get checked out because this is no joke - I am a very healthy person and it knocked me flat on my rear! I hope to get back to stamping this week as I do miss - a few days ago I could care less about stamping - so you know I was sick!! Thanks for checking in on me - you all are the best!!