September 29, 2007


You know, it is amazing how you can get to know people through blogging - I am continually in awe of the kindness, generosity, and extreme talent that is out there! I was touched today by a blogging friend who nominated me for the Best Blog Friend Award - does that rock or what??!! Shannon aka Stamp Till You Cramp is an amazingly talented stamper with an awesome blog that you must check out if you have not already done so! She is truly creative and I visit her blog daily! So thanks to you Shannon - and right back at ya girl! So, I guess I am supposed to nominate three people as well. I visit many blogs daily and find inspiration at all of them but here are three (in no particular order) that I am going with!
Kathleen at My Happy Place who is truly amazing and fun!
Ash at Ashley's Creative Corner who has more energy than anyone I know and who creates the most beautiful things!
Nikki at Military Wife Stampin Spot who does beautiful things with paper, ink, and stamps and I am in awe of her!
If you have never checked out these talented ladies, well, what are you waiting for???!!!!! GET ON OVER THERE NOW - THEY ALL ROCK!!


Hi all! Well, it has been a very long travel day but I have made it back safely to Jacksonville. I am really really tired, but will be posting one of my new creations tomorrow and BLOG CANDY!!! Yep, I am only three hits away from 5,000 - I can't believe it! I cannot believe that I have only been blogging three short months and I feel like I have met some wonderful people and learned so much from all of you! So, to thank you guys for visiting, stay tuned for blog candy and a finished project!! Now, I am off to bed so that I can start fresh in the morning! Lots to do - movers will be here a week from this Tuesday and I still have attics to clean out, groceries to farm out to friends, a car to pack and load up, etc...And, still no sale on the house :-( so keep it in your thoughts and send selling mojo my way!!! I already miss Tony and the kids but I know it's less than a month and we will be together permanently - and the trip was sooooo worth it! Good night for now all!

September 26, 2007


Hi all! I am sorry I have not posted anything new in awhile BUT I am having sooo much fun picking out new fans, paint, rugs, etc. for my new house PLUS playing with my kids and just hanging out with my husband and our extended family that before I know it, it is midnight and I am ready for bed! So, no new creations yet but lots of ideas for when I get home and I have some projects working but not quite finished. I feel kind of bad since I did promise something to share, but I figured you all would understand. I do have some pictures to share today of me and the kids riding around on the gator at my MILs property - they have ten acres and my kids are really loving it. My daughter, who is ten, loves the fact that she gets to drive - LOL! So, here they are! Isn't she just too cute, concentrating on driving mommy around! And, my son the jokester and his funny faces, I love that! I also wanted to share a picture of the sunset out on my MILs property - isn't this gorgeous?! And, our view from our new property is amazing - I will post pics of that in the next few days once I am up there when the sun goes down. I also see that I am getting really close to 5000 hits - that is so exciting for me so I am going to celebrate with Blog Candy when I get back. Yep, I bought goodies here just for that occasion!