December 1, 2009


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***Limit 10 swappers***

Hi all!!! I wanted to host another swap this year since we had such a great time doing it last year!! So, if you are interested in doing a Christmas card swap, just sign up on this post. Here are the deets:

(1) Full cards only with no recipes needed
(2) No restrictions on products
(3) Your best work so people can use them to send out to friends/family
(4) Get them to me by 10 December(I will mail them back the next day!)
(5) Include a SAS envie with postage to get your swaps back to you!

So, who's game? I will close the sign-ups on Tuesday, the 1st of December so that people have time to get their swaps done and in the mail! Can't WAIT to see them all - last year they were FABULOUS!! I will add the names as I get them!!

1. Alex
2. Diane
3. Stacy
4. Dana