July 11, 2007


Hi again! Well, it seems I have been tagged by Laura BUT this one is a different kind of tag. You see, I'm supposed to "toot" my own horn and list 7 good things about myself - Hmmmm....that may be a little hard, but I will try so here goes:

(1) I am a good friend and will give you the shirt off my back if you need it (just not in public please)
(2) I am a very good wife and mother - no, not perfect and I am sure there is always room for improvement but I do give it my all and that should count for something!
(3) I pride myself on good organizational and leadership skills which has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally
(4) I have a pretty good sense of humor and like to make people laugh (or at least smile)
(5) I am generous and like to share whenever I can with those around me!
(6) I am loyal to a fault - if you need me to be there for you, I will be!
(7) I am very good with finding a bargain - just yesterday I bought school clothes for my daughter (both fall and winter) and saved over $400 while spending $60 - pretty good, huh?

Well, there you have it! Nothing earth shattering, and probably nothing most people arent' but that is what I came up with. I guess I am supposed to now tag 7 people so here they are:

(1) Barb aka GrammaStamper
(2) Marie aka La Paperterie
(3) Lisa aka Splendiferous Creations
(4) Pam aka Stamping with Serendipity
(5) Melissa aka Simply Pink
(6) Dawn aka Dawns Stamping Thoughts
(7) Debbie aka Thinking Inking

Whew! Okay, I am done - have a great afternoon!

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Vicki said...

I am sooo glad you didn't list you were patient, roflol. Just kidding. You are a wonderful friend. Man, that Bruce Willis movie was awesome! Had a blast.