August 8, 2007


Well, I am frantically running around trying to get ready to leave for Annapolis which means suitcases, piles of clothes, and nervous dogs. I have two little weiner dogs( Bonnie - pink collar and Clyde- red collar)who are attached to my hips and they hate when I am gone. You see, usually when I get out a suitcase, it means a long long time away from home. Normally, Clyde gets into my suitcase and won't get out so I now put it on the bed. So, as I am packing this morning, the two of them are driving me crazy because they won't leave me alone. Finally, I had to scold them and send them to their chair (they have claimed the lazyboy recliner in my room). But, they looked so sad and cute that I just had to take some pics and share! So, here they are: Bonnie likes giving me this big soulful looks with her eyes which means I have to pet her and Clyde gives me these looks like I can't believe you are leaving me! Aren't animals funny! Gotta love them though! I will not be able to post while I am gone but I will have some great pics to share when I get back which means scrapbooking! So, see you all next Tuesday!

August 6, 2007


Well, I finally got the pictures of Zach and his friends at the beach the last time before he went to the academy. I also had an excuse to use my Mr. Crabby again - I just love that crazy crab! It is soooo late so I am going to make this quick, but wanted to share. Yes, I used non-SU! material, BUT as everyone does, I have TONS of it, and scrapbooking has always been my passion so I need to use what I have. The base paper is bazzil bling blue - LOVE IT! I want to say the palm tree paper is Rusty Pickle but I would not swear by it. The letters are cut using quickutz and the pics are mounted on summer sun cardstock. I did manage to stamp some though - LOL! I just love the crab set and those little clams and starfish are so cute! I was very excited to do some scrapbooking since I have not been able to lately. I have been practicing my card making skills instead. In all actuality, I have only been making cards for about four months so I am still trying to get the hang of it. I really do enjoy it though! Anyway, enough blathering - here are my pages. I hope you like them!

August 5, 2007


Good morning all! I have a story to share today. It's about the mail. You see, I have to drive down to a set of mailboxes to check my mail each day and my habit is to skim through the mail and then set it in the center console until I get home. Well, I guess one piece of my mail had slipped down underneath the drivers seat(I have no idea when) and when I was cleaning out the car yesterday - bam! There was a card there for me from a wonderfully thoughtful stamper who goes by the name lacyquilter - check out her wonderful creations on SCS, she does gorgeous work! Anyway, imagine my delight at receiving one of her beautiful cards, how thoughtful is she??!!! I wanted to share it with you all because it is absolutely gorgeous - so here it is! Have an awesome Sunday and thanks again Melody - you made my day!!!