October 9, 2007


Well, today was the first day of my four-day packout. Yep, four days. It has NEVER taken four days before and I was wondering why the difference. Well, if you count the five 15 minute breaks, the 1.25 hour for lunch, and the leaving at 3pm, that would be why!! Sheesh!! I worked harder than they did today!! Now, I have moved my whole life - my dad was career military and I have moved 13 times myself in the last 24 years so I consider myself pretty seasoned at the moving thing. I always have water on hand, and usually have sandwich fixins and chips for lunchtime. It seems like the nice thing to do since they USUALLY are working so hard packing my stuff and you want them to do a good job....anyway, I digress! So, they show up at 0830 in the morning and I am drinking my coffee. The first thing the lead guy says to me is "I hope you plan on making another pot, because I need a cup". Hmmmmm....not sure what to do so I make a pot of coffee and he says, "Oh, I don't take it black, I need cream and sugar." Hmmmmmm.....again. I only use hazlenut coffee creamer which he proceeds to drain and drink my entire pot of coffee!!! ( I had to run to the store and get some more for MY coffee in the morning, maybe I should hide it??!!) You would think this would make them work faster, but nope, not at all. Then, the other two inform me that they don't feel they should have to take things off the walls (spoke to the moving company about that one, and yes, they have to take it down!). Then, the lead guy asks me if they can take a break at 1230 and watch my TV while eating lunch because they want to watch the Young and the Restless - YIKES!! So, I politely say that I am not a big soap opera fan and leave it at that, and they take the hint and eat outside listening to their soap on the am radio. Then, at 3pm they announce they are leaving for the day and will be back at 9 in the morning. I feel like I am in the twilight zone. They have left little things lying around unpacked in each room but have managed to pack the one thing I specifically set aside and asked them not to - the book I am reading!!!! *sigh* - it is going to be a looooooonnnnnnggggg week!!! At least I can still browse blogs to keep me sane - at least until Thursday when my computer goes away *sniff, sniff* I guess I should get ready for bed - not sure what I will do since I don't have my book to read which is my nightly ritual.....

October 7, 2007


Hi all! I thought I would give you a quick update on the move progress. I have found every muscle in my body - and they hurt!! I have made seven count them SEVEN trips to Goodwill, trying to purge what we don't need in our new home. I also cleaned out all the closets and got rid of clothes and shoes that none of wear anymore, is just plain old, or does not fit (I seem to have a lot in the last category :-( Both attics have now been emptied and everything gone through, sorted, and put away in plastic bins for storage on the other side since most of it is seasonal stuff. Today I had the dubious pleasure of cleaning out the shed outside - yippee!! This entailed all of the lawn equipment having the gas AND oil siphoned out, each machine washed and dried, and then stored neatly in the garage for pickup. Ugghhhh!!! I was saying unkind thinks about my DH, I tell ya!! My deep freezer has been cleaned out and is defrosting as we um speak! So, you all are thinking about now - wow! you are done! Hah!! Don't I wish!! I still have to figure out what is going in the car with me and set that aside to include enough dishes and cookware to see us through the next 3 or 4 weeks. I have to finish sorting my SU! supplies into indestructible bins that I purchased so nothing gets damaged. I have to take down the trampoline out back, get the car weighed both empty and full, AND go to the post office - whew!! THEN, I will be done - LOL! Anyway, enough ranting. I did want to share some pics from the dinner theater the other night. My good friend Vicki and I went to see Steel Magnolias which has always been a favorite movie of mine. Well, let me tell you, we both laughed all the way through the play - it was sooooo awesome!!! They did a wonderful job depicting the movie very accurately and yes, we had wet eyes at the end since it does have its sad parts. It was a great show and we wanted to go before I left. It was last Wednesday but this is the first time I have had the time to post about it. Here are some of the pics of our night out! This is where we went to see the show. It has a fantastic buffet that is included in the price of your ticket and the food is actually pretty good and there is lots of variety. Here is Vicki and I standing outside the big red doors leading to the box office where you pick up your tickets. It was a beautiful evening, nothing like the four days of rain we have had since! Once inside, it is decorated in the theme of whatever show is playing at the time so Vicki and I had our picture taken at the pretty setup they had at the entrance to the theater itself. Isn't it pretty?! The last picture is of us sitting at the table inside the theater. You can't get a great shot of the theater itself because of the funny low lighting they have in there, but here we are! We really really enjoyed ourselves and I cannot wait to have some time to scrap our night out! Well, I have to get back to work now or I will never get it all done before they show up on Tuesday to take all my stuff away! I have to call tomorrow and have the cable shut off so I will be without my computer come Friday - sniff, sniff!! No blog browsing, no posting, no nothing!!!