October 14, 2007


Hello all! Well, my house is finally packed up and gone - except for me, three dogs, and air mattress and my car belongings!!! I have to say, this was the longest week I have had in a long time!! BUT, I do feel vindicated because they kept telling me I was over my shipping weight limit (Navy gives me 17,000 pounds) because they said I was at 19,000; however, when the driver went to weigh the truck, my weight came back at 13,000 and change - HAH!!! I knew it!! So, I will be here this week painting, and finishing last minute house projects and then I should be getting on the road sometime next week. I have nothing to post except my move updates - SORRY!! I will post sporadically since I no longer have a computer and have to count on the kindness of my friends (I am at Vicki's today) so don't give up on me - I will be back and have some cute holiday projects to post once this craziness is out of the way!! I cannot wait to have normalcy again - a house, bickering kids, laundry, grocery shopping - it all sounds great to me now!! Of course, ask me how I feel after a couple of months of it *wink* Anyhoo, thought I would let everyone know what was going on and that I am still alive and moving right along to get myself to CA!!! Talk to you all soon!!!