December 22, 2007


Hi all! I know you are getting ready for the big day - only four days away - OMG!!!!!!! BUT, it is time to announce my blog candy winners - whoo hoo! I counted up all the entries, giving two entries to all of you who linked me on your blog.Using, the winner is number twelve which is Jodene! Congrats girl! Here is the yummy recipe she posted - it sounds so yummy! Congrats to your hits. I love to share my favorite holiday recipe.
Seafood dip. 1 package cream cheese, 1/4 cup mayo, 1/4 cup sour cream. Mix together spread onto dish. Top with cocktail sauce. Then, add 1 can broken shrimp,1 can crab and grated cheese. Serve with crackers. Thanks for the chance! I love surprises! Send me an email Jodene with your snail mail address and I will get your goodies right out to you! And what are you getting, you ask? Well, here it is!!! You will receive 10 sheets of 6x6 Christmas paper, three Christmas stamps, ribbon, and some pretty poinsettia embellishments. I hope you enjoy them! Also, I always want to recognize the first poster who was Pesbrico who is a faithful visitor to my blog. Pesc, send me your snail mail address because I have something special for you too! And gals, it may be after the holidays until I get it to you, but I promise I will! And, to all of you, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

December 21, 2007



First of all, thanks to all of you for your wonderful words of encouragement and has really helped with everything going on! I have not even had the chance to go and visit everyones blogs but believe me, I have not forgotten you and cannot wait until our high speed internet is hooked up this weekend and I can browse at my leisure, cup o' joe in hand!!! Yes, we will be in the house at long last this weekend and I cannot wait! My oldest son comes home from college tomorrow - yippee!!!! So, things are slowly starting to fall into place! Now, on to the blog candy! I am celebrating my 7500 hits (thanks so much to all of you who visit and give me such great feedback!) and YOU are the winners! So, here is what I am doing: in keeping with the holiday spirit, the candy will not be revealed but will be "wrapped" until it is time for the drawing! I will do the drawing on Friday, 21 December 2007. Okay, just a little hint. There will be ribbons, paper, embellishments, and of course a few stamps! I promise it will be yummy!! Here is all you have to do to win: post a comment on this blog entry providing a favorite holiday recipe. This is a great way to get new ideas and share with others! I will provide a yummy family favorite the day I reveal the winner! Also, you will get an extra entry if you post a link on your blog about my blog candy! Please only one entry here though to make it fair. Let me know if you do create a link and I will ensure you get two chances when I do the drawing! This post will remain at the top of my blog until the drawing so please make sure you scroll down for new entries (should I actually get time to make one!). Good luck to all of you - I cannot wait to read the yummy recipes! Also, there will be something special for the first person to post as well *wink*

December 18, 2007


Okay, not to bore you with all the tedious details BUT in case I did not share this news, about one month ago, we fired our contractor and went with someone else who could finish the house in a more timely manner. So, things have been happily moving along, the furniture is all in, the tree is up, we are unpacked, and getting ready for our final inspection TODAY to get the final occupancy certification we need to permanently live there. We thought everything that $*&^% contractor we fired had done wrong had been fixed (and paid for twice I might add) BUT we have had lots of rain the last two days and we have found out that the drainage system he installed with the foundation has failed and water is getting under the house - VERY BAD!! So, we had our new contractor out there last night who installed an emergency pump which has fixed the problem temporarily but needs to continually run to keep it dry. The inspectors state that the system must be fixed permanently (note, all must be gutted and done again) which is a cost of thousands. SOOOOOOO, I guess my dream of finally living in my new home was very short-lived. Have you ever seen a grown woman cry? Well, come on over because I am doing it a lot! Uggghhhhh!!!!! I am ready to tear my hair out and have spent hours on the phone today with the builders who contracted the first guy threatening them with large lawsuits unless they figure this out! So, what do I want for Christmas? MY HOUSE!!!! Meanwhile, I am investing heavily in chocolate and eggnog. I will probably have to buy all new clothes to fit over my hefty self when this is all over!

December 17, 2007


Hi everyone!! Well, we are moved into our house - there is still lots to do but we are in for the holidays which was my goal! My oldest son is home from the Naval Academy and I just love having him here! AND, we were able to pick out a tree and put it up yesterday so I am really excited about that! We have not actually received the official go ahead to move in (that should come tomorrow during final inspection) BUT the inspector was nice enough to tell us to go ahead and get as settled as we could....we just won't be in the house when she comes tomorrow to sign off on everything. My mom and sister will arrive this week so there is plenty to get done. My craft room is an absolute disaster and won't be put together until after Christmas since I wanted to get the main living areas done first. Plus, I really want to take my time and get it just the way I want it! I am posting this from the internet cafe in town since I still don't have internet at the house but I am hoping to have that sometime this week and start posting some of my projects again - yep, I was able to do a few small things in preparation for the holidays. I also got my new SU! catalog which has inspired me to get my butt in gear and get my business going again! I also want to take this opportunity to let all of you know exactly how wonderful you are - you have made a very stressful time a little bit easier with your kind words and encouraging comments! I absolutely love that this blog has allowed me the opportunity to connect with people from all over who are as wonderful and warm as you all are! So, I hope everyone of you has a joyous holiday and I am really looking forward to much more regular project posts in the New Year! So, right now I am off to finish Christmas shopping! And, I have really really enjoyed all the recipe posts for blog candy - yummy!! I shall be giving you a sneak peek at what is coming here very soon!