December 7, 2007


Hi everyone! I know it's been awhile and I really have nothing creative to share, but this has been quite a bad week. We STILL have not been able to move into our new home - the contractor we had just well, left. The builder did not know what happened to him and he never called again. So, we fired him and had to find someone else to finish the items needed to get our occupancy certificate - and we still have not been able to do that. Yesterday, we found a guy willing to come in and finish the work but probably cannot start until next week - and my son gets here from college on Wednesday! Also, it has poured here the last three days so no work can be done until that stops. We got out shipment of household goods this week and it is in the house that we cannot live in. We also found out that a portion of our household goods has been misplaced and they are trying to find it - ughhhh!!!! We are feeling so discouraged and the kids are sad because we don't have a house yet, no tree yet, and it does not even feel like Christmas. My family is all arriving over the next two weeks and I am worried about not having a house for us all to stay in! Needless to say, this has been a week that I really don't want to repeat!! So, sorry for the vent, but I needed to get it out! Hopefully my next post will be something exciting to share - like a move-in date and a Christmas tree! Until then, enjoy your weekend! And, no, I have not forgotten - blog candy will go up on Monday so stay tuned!! It will be a grab bag so it should be something really fun!