November 30, 2007


Wow! Happy Friday everyone - this week just flew by!!! We have been super busy trying to get ready for the movers coming in on Monday - in fact, the entire weekend will be spent cleaning all the construction dust out of the house and putting up the final trim so we can be ready. I am sooooo excited that I am actually going to get to move into my new home next week although I will be mad busy trying to get it ready for the impending holidays and my family coming in for Christmas. My son will be arriving on the 12th and then my mom and sister will come in on the 20th so we will have a house full. It will be fun though! Meanwhile, I have a couple more pics of the house to share with you - I know, it's not a project, but this is what I have right now!
The first picture shows the beginnings of our front yard. Tony put grass down so we would get a yard started that can be finalized in the spring. It is really starting to look nice and as you can see, there are five huge natural boulders in a circle that we plan to utilize as an area to sit around an outside fire pit. There will be a small deck out there as well. Where the dirt is, the sidewalks will be installed and that should be happening fairly soon. The next picture is the great room which is being seen from the foyer as you walk into the house. I absolutely love this room because it is so large and bright from all the windows. I love the stepped ceilings, they really add to the room. We also had a french doors added to the back of the room so that we can have a deck off the back as well. We want to enjoy all of the views that we can! The third picture shows the beautiful view I have from my new scrap room! Aren't these windows just gorgeous! I love them! I will have the views of the mountains as I sit there at my desk and I am sure it will provide wonderful inspiration for me! The only problem is, I may never want to leave that room - LOL! So, these are what I have to share today! Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned - I am getting really close to 7500 hits and that means yep, BLOG CANDY!!!!

November 27, 2007


Hi all! I haven't really had time to do anything creative, so I thought I would share some pictures of our new home. Little by little it is getting finished and we should actually be living in it next week although there will still be little things to do. So, here they are! This picture shows the front of our new home - as you can see, they are still completing foundation work and the stucco. We are building a deck to join the two front porches so I can sit outside and enjoy my mountain view while having a cup of coffee! The second picture is my fireplace which is my pride and joy since it is made of river rock and is natural stone and is gorgeous! I cannot wait to have our first fire in my new home! It is going to be soooo nice. This last picture is a partial shot of my kitchen - most of it is still under protective paper because they are finishing up some work in there. BUT, I did get my cherry cabinets and a kitchen island, and all my drawers are the sliding deep drawers so that everything will be big, big, big AND fit all my kitchen stuff! Anyways, these are just a few of the pictures to give you an idea of my new house. As we get more and more done, I will show you all some progress pictures so that you can see the finished product!! Until then, talk to you all later and have a super day!!!!!

November 26, 2007


Hi everyone! I am soooo sorry that I don't have anything to share BUT we got all the wood flooring into the house, the painting finished, and the trim and molding put in. The house is really starting to come together and we should be able to move in by this time next week so keep your fingers crossed that nothing stops us this time! We will be spending time this week getting the house cleaned up and having the contractors finish up the last few outside projects that need to be completed prior to us receiving our occupancy certificate. That should all be done by this Thursday and we hope to have an inspector out there on Friday to clear us for furniture delivery on Monday. Whew! I cannot wait to move in - I am tired of living out of a suitcase! So, I am off now to get the cleaning supplies and get the inside of the house move-in ready!!! Hopefully I will have something to share tomorrow! Until then, have a great week!