March 6, 2009


Hi all. Just wanted to give you a quick update - had a small setback this week and have been feeeling really really bad the last three days. I am feeling a little better today, but need to stay in bed....I want to be back in fighting shape soon! Just know I am thinking of all of you and I cannot wait to see what you have been up to and get back to some stampin' of my own. Sorry I missed the DT challenges this week, but my goal is to shoot for next week. I am sure they were all fabulous! Miss you all!

March 1, 2009


Hi all!! Well, I am slowly trying to get back to doing a few things each day - Tony hooked up the laptop for me so I can at least check email and do some blogging. I really miss seeing everybody's projects so I am hoping to feel well enough today to do some of that. I am still on bedrest although I am allowed to get up and walk to the bathroom which I can now do by myself! Wednesday I will go back to the doctor to have all the drains removed and hopefully start to get my life back to normal. I have set the goal of doing my DT work this week - I think I will be able to handle that. I cannot promise a post everyday just yet, but I will start posting some things. I miss it, I think it will be a good therapy for me! I want to thank all of you for the sweet sweet comments you have been leaving, all the really nice emails, and the fabulous cards I have been receiving. It warms my heart to see that people are kind enough to take the time to send me a handmade card. Once I am back on my feet, I will show all these beautiful cards in a post - they should be seen! Take care and I will post again soon!