March 9, 2008


Hi all! This is a quickie post to show the links to the tag I have done before to share my answers because I have been tagged so many times recently and I don't want you all to feel like I am ignoring you. I am just not interesting enough to come up with new answers - LOL! As for the random facts, I have listed 32 of those in the last 32 days so you know way more about me than I do about you!!! Enjoy!!

I do want to acknowledge some very special bloggin' friends who put a smile on my face!
Jen Glover aka Coconut Scrapshop is just the most sweet and friendly woman AND she has a WONDERFUL scrapbook store full of awesome goodies so you better get on over there and check them out! I just got my first order, and guess what?? You will be seeing what I have created soon *wink*. Her prices are very competitive, her inventory is the newest on the market, AND she is more than willing to order something you might like but don't see -I know because she did it for me! I love her AND her store! Jen tagged me hence the link above. Smooches to you girl! And Beth, aka Sunflowers and Dragonflies nominated me for the YOU MAKE MY DAY AWARD - little does she know that it is the other way around - Beth has a fabulous blog and I look forward to visiting everyday so right back at ya Beth!!! And yep, *STAMPIN HUGS* for you girl!


Lesli said...

Hey Alex - I can definitely relate to the tagging - but it has been fun :) Thanks for the links to the other sites - I will definitely check them out!

CAKVD said...

Hi Alex!
I'm soooo happy that you love the Coconut ScrapShop!!!! Me too! I can't wait to see what you make!