January 23, 2008


Okay everyone, here it is 10pm and I should be thinking of other things, but no, I am blog browsing. And, I find out I have been tagged by Heather from Witty Title Here - if you have not seen her blog, you better because the woman has GOT TALENT!! Anyway, I thought the tag looked like fun, and so I decided to do it! Here goes:

Five things I was doing 10 years
1. Stationed in Hawaii
2. Leaving my family for seven months to fight the war in Kosovo (hey, you asked!)
3. Getting a new retriever puppy (we still have him but now he is 100lbs of pure love)
4. Meeting my current best friend
5. Teaching Step Aerobics for five, yes five different gyms

Five things on my to do list today
1. Finish my scrap room!
2. Work on my husband's office
3. Call the builder and threaten him with bodily harm
4. Prepare for my upcoming workshop
5. Spend time with my children when they get home

Five things I will do when I'm a millionaire
1. Share
2. Pay off everything
3. Set aside for the kids
4. Travel
5. Enjoy life without financial stressors

Five things I'll never wear again
1. Spandex ( I am sooo with Heather on this one!!)
2. A bathing suit (and this one!!)
3. Tight jeans (give me comfy pants any day!)
4. Thong underwear (what was I thinking???!!!)
5. Uncomfortable shoes (thank goodness flats are in!)

Five of my favorite toys
1. My camera
2. My computer
3. My cricut
4. My karaoke machine (no laughing, I mean it!)
5. My ipod

Five banes of my existence
1. Slow people driving in the fast lane
2. Rude and nasty people
3.Contractors, builders, you get my point??
4. Household chores
5. Did I already say contractors??

Okay, so there you have it! So, now I have to pick five people who I hope play along. Here they are:

1. Charmaine aka Oodabug Alley (this gal has skills, let me tell ya!)
2. Kathleen aka My Happy Place (ditto for her talent!)
3. Nikki aka Military Wife Stampin Spot (do I need to say it again??!!)
4. Angel aka Angelosity (talented... well of course!)
5. Roxy aka Stamping with Roxy (holy moly, the skills!)

Now, I picked these five out of TONS that I visit - I visit these five truly talented ladies everyday and I love, love, love their creations and have drawn inspiration from all of them. So, if you got nothing else out of this post, get on over and visit these blogs (if you haven't already!) Well, nuff said - 'night!


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Loved "getting to know you" more, Alex! My favorite section was the Bane of Your Existence! Too funny! THanks for the tag! I'm hoping to do this today!

corinnesomerville said...

Ahhh, shucks, Alex!! You're such a sweetheart !!! I can hardly wait to squeeze you at convention !!!!

Love ya
Corinne (aka Roxy)

Nikki Bond said...

OMG KAROKE?!?! LOL I'd love to see that! Sorry...I know I wasn't supposed to laugh! Actually...I sing in the car all the time....but I do lack a microphone! (like that makes it any better!) Thanks for tagging me...i'll make sure to play along later today! {SMILES}

Heather P. said...

LOL, that was SO fun! Thanks for playing!! :)

I can't believe you taught step aerobics for 5 different gyms... Wow, you go!

Anonymous said...

Okay, some of those gave me a little chuckle. ;) What fun little tidbits Alex! Hugs!

Rose Ann said...

Loved reading your tag post, and getting to know you better. ;)

Shannon McGann said...

Wow! I pity your contractor! (Although he probably brought on your wrath himself! LOL!). Thanks for sharing.