September 16, 2007


Good morning all. As you know, I am moving to California - well, the packout is quickly approaching so I have been getting ready for the movers. Yesterday and today is the garage - YUK!!! I spent 14, yes 14 hours in the garage yesterday as this is where all my crafting supplies are kept. I went through and purged, reorganized, and safely stored all my treasures so the movers don't destroy my stuff, especially all my delicious paper! It makes me a little sad to know I won't see my stuff for about 6 weeks (yep, you heard me right) because it will have to go into storage until we receive a cleared occupancy permit for our new house. So, I will definitely be going through withdrawals. Okay, now I have a question for all of you and I would like to hear your thoughts - if you were me and had to take a few supplies just to keep going with stamping, what would you take? I am trying to figure out what to whittle it down to but still have enough where I can play. I am looking forward to hearing what you have to say - please don't tell me everything though because that would require a moving truck all on its own - LOL! Now, on to the wonderful RAK I received from my blogger friend Deb. We have struck up a blogging friendship, she is the sweetest, most generous lady! AND, talented to boot! Check out her blog - she does beautiful work! Look at the cute fluffles and pumpkins and scallops she sent me. And, these beautiful bella notecards, WOW! Love them! Thanks Deb - you rock!! Now, I am off to work in the garage. Have a beautiful Sunday all!


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

Wow, lucky you! How fun! Hope the move goes well. . .that is NOT one of my favorite things! :)

Kathy said...

Wow how do you decide? I have trouble just trying to decide what to take to a friend's house for the day - and that is normally a car full, LOL. Of course what you don't have - you can always go shopping for.

Kathy said...

P.S. Will miss your designs.

The Stampin' Soldier said...

Thank you SO much for your sweet words. It's awfully lonely around here these days.

Shannon McGann said...

Wow! That is a great RAK!

I feel for you, having to put away all your stuff - I hope you don't suffer from withdrawal! How to decide... I would for sure keep my paper cutter, one stamp set, choose a few colours that go together and keep some paper, ink and embellishments in those colours.

I hope everything goes well in the move. I hope you'll keep posting even though you might not have as many cards to show. I'd still love to hear what's going on with you!

AJ said...

love the notecard, very cute!! don't you love happy mail!!

Marlou said...

love your notecards, beautiful.
ok you asked what you should keep out, a trimmer, definitely & scissors, two essentials, hope you will be able to do some crafting 6 weeks a long time ,xx

lauren said...

oh poooooooor you! moving is SO exhausting--and without your *stuff*??! yikes.

i made a travel kit for vacation, and it was pretty decent, for the short-term. i took: some clear stamps & a block & inkpad; dry adhesive runner; tiny stapler, ruler & scissors; some prismacolor pencils & sharpener; a few permanent pens--white & black--in different sizes; and a pack with some basic rub-ons, alpha stickers, & just some basics i looooove; i got a small notebook at staples and cut up cardstock scraps and hole punched them and then made a travel journal in which MOST of the stuff was souvenirs, postcards, etc...and my writing.

definitely NOT a long-term substitute for allllll your stuff; but enough to be able to play a little bit each day! plus it totally makes you notice the stuff AROUND you--like ads & magazines and things.

don't know if that helps...but GOOD LUCK! :)

Flossie's Follies said...

Good luck with the move, what to keep out oh my what a tough decision, favorite stamp set, cardstock and a couple of stamp pads and trimmer.

Tex said...

What a great RAK!
I can't imagine 6 weeks without stamping. You should probably stop by here to get a "fix" before going further West!

I suggest some Stampin' Spots, and some clear or unmounted stamps ... they take such a teeny amount of space! And take a 'puter! LOL

Elizebeth said...

hmmmmm, what to take

stazon black ink pad
SU markers (so you have other colors to stamp!)
10 stamp sets
paper cutter
cutter kit
paper, 2 familys of assorted

I could go on......

Latisha said...

My dh is still active duty so we move alot! You should first decide on a container that your supplies will go into. You will probably need to use something shallow, like the rubbermaid bins you can fit under your bed, but not so big. Don't know what kind of car, suv, truck or minivan you have, but one of those can fit under your seats in a van or suv. Now you just have to fill it, Elizabeth mentioned some of these but this is what I would bring:

black stayzon ink
primsacolor pencils
a few of your fav markers maybe red and green or orange since the holidays are coming up.
Christmas stamp set or 2
Halloween/Fall stamp set
Thinking of you set
Happy Bday set
favorite designer paper
paper trimmer
and whatever other embellishment you can't live without.
Remember you can always go to the local ss or order stuff online if you need new supplies.

Rose Ann said...

Well....I sure hope your move goes smoothly!

Great RAK!

Nikki said...

OHHHH....your going to reuinite with your hubby again! How exciting!!! I'm sure you are so excited! I'm with you on the whole moving thing though....I hate it when the movers take all my never know what is going to make it in one piece! I packed all my paper ahead of time in a long flat rubbermade and put a huge sign on it that said keep flat! It arrived ok. As you supplies to take with you...I think I'd choose a couple Christmas stamps for obvious reasons, watercolor crayons and aqua pen, and CS in Chrismasy colors. You can always add embellishments later when you settled. Here's to wishing you a easy and uneventful move! Enjoy! {SMILES}

ScrapMomOf2 said...

You got such great advice already, that I really don't have any other suggestions on what to pack to keep you sane! Great RAK. Good luck with the packing and the moving!