November 16, 2010


Where have I been??!!  I bet you all are wondering, lol!! I have been up to my eyeballs in cards!!! This past Saturday was my Annual Cards for the Troops Event and I have been madly cutting, stamping, punching, tying bows, and prepping kits for all the wonderful people who signed up to help make these cards to send over to Afghanistan to our sponsored unit NMCB 3 who left recently and will be gone for a long while.  Sooooo, I have had no time at all to post, but I thought today I would share the pics from Saturday and show you all the hard work definitely paid off!!! 
The way it worked was each table had 4-6 card samples and then the kits to go with them.  Each person did one type of each card and then rotated to the next table to make different cards.  This worked out wonderfully since everyone got to make all different types of cards, and we got them all stamped and put together, ready to go!!! 

I was so gratified to see how many people came - we had over 50 people in and out all day although many stayed the whole time and enjoyed going table to table making all the different cards! Even the VFW and the Ladies Auxiliary got into the act! None of them had ever stamped or made cards before, but they jumped right in and were wonderful! Here are some of the pics of the different ladies and gents that showed up!
 Even the guys from the Post joined in, stamping and assembling alongside their wives from the Auxiliary! I felt so good about this - seeing people come together to make an event like this a success is amazing and one of the main reasons I stamp - I have met soooo many wonderful people!!! 
 And, it was definitely a family affair in the Hobson household - my wonderful husband Tony, and my two kids Tyler and Kayla were all there, making cards alongside our good friends Les and Cyndi and some of my club gals Lori and Elle - it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I saw them all stamping away!
I am very proud of my family, especially my kids, who recognize and understand the sacrifices military members and their families have to make - they have done it many times themselves!!! 

Here is a picture of my man making cards - I am going to have to enlarge and frame this one since I dont' get him in my stamp space too often, LOL!! He is a great supporter of my business, but stamping is just not his forte, heeheee!! He was a great sport on Saturday though!!! 

Two of my favorite people in the world were there helping me with this event - Angelina (not pictured) and Wendy! They are both members of my downline and I would not have been able to pull this off without them!! Wendy and I were up many a late night creating, cutting, stamping, and singing - yes, singing!!! LOL - we do tend to get silly :-)  Here is Wendy at the main table cleaning stamps and sorting all the finished cards.  It was nice to see the attendees come up and check out the fruits of their labor - many of them had their favorite cards and enjoyed coming up and taking pictures of them and checking out some they may not have gotten to!
Finally, here is a picture of all the completed cards - don't those stacks look beautiful??!! I love it - I have soooo many cards to match to envelopes now and with all the generous donations of supplies such as baby wipes, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. there will be quite a few boxes heading over!!!  Just look at this gang - don't they look proud??! I wish everone had been able to stay until the end as I would have loved a picture that incuded them all, but this group stuck it out and I just had to have a picture!!!  It was a great day and I am looking forward to doing even better things next year!! And, if you are still reading this post, you ROCK!!! I know it is long, BUT it was a great story to share! Tomorrow I will be back with my Christmas Canvas that I just taught - till then, Happy Stampin'!!!


Karen Motz said...

What an amazing event!!! This is so awesome!!!!!

Diane said...

That's amazing Alex!! Wonderful work by wonderful people! It's great when people come together at times like this!
Way to to Alex and friends!!

a portland granny said...

What a labor of love! And the work you put into to get everything ready. Did you have to provide all of the paper and envelopes. I hope there was a little offering to help with that!

Wonderful idea and dear to my heart as I just watched the film "The Christmas Card" last night. It is built around a story of a church which did this every year and from there a wonderful story developes. Check it out if you haven't seen it. It is most heartwarming.

*kathleen* said...

Hey Alex - I am looking to do something like this in Sac too! Would you be willing to chat with me about it sometime? I think I still have your email from Candace's list..but not sure....Thanks!

Kat (aka the pregnant lady from Candace's event last fall!!) :)

Rose Ann said...

What a wonderful reason to gather...and it looks like everyone had a great time too!! Hugs!!