April 22, 2008


***THIS POST TO REMAIN ON TOP UNTIL 26 APRIL, SCROLL DOWN FOR NEWER POSTS*** ETA - International bloggers welcome, just be mindful of the timeline
Good morning all!!! It's another beautiful day here in CA, the sun is shining, my husband brought me coffee in bed, aaaahhhh, life is good!! So, I have decided I would like to host a swap and see if anyone is interested in participating. There are a few requirements though....the card front MUST be all Stampin' Up! product. As a demo, I enjoy seeing what other folks are doing with their stamps and embellishments, it's a great way to share ideas. I know other folks host certain events for certain stamps, so I figured I could too! The other requirements are:

(1) Full card fronts, no ATCs
(2) Must have at least two layers
(3) Must use current Stampin' Up! product
(4) Must have at least one embellishment

That's it - not too bad, huh?! I will do this in groups of eight, you can sign up for as many groups as you want. I will do as many groups as people want to sign up for. The deadline for signing up will be the 26th of April (next Saturday) and I will leave this post at the top of my blog until then. Deadline to get the swap cards to me will be May 16th, and you will need to include a SAS envelope with enough postage to get your swaps back to you (usually the same cost for you to ship them to me). So, who's in??? This will be my first time hosting a swap, so help a girl out here, okay?? The more the merrier!!! PM me at the lilstamper@yahoo.com if you are interested and I will send you my address. Whoohoo - this will be fun!!!

Group One
1. Alex Hobson
2. Melissa Kaufman
3. Debbie Harris
4. Kathleen Hopperstad
5. Juanita Zurowski
6. Shannon McGann
7. Latisha Yoast
8. Cheryl Moody

Group Two
1. Alex Hobson
2. Latisha Yoast
3. Desirée Spenst
4. Denise Lynn
5. Chris Severs
6. Erin Bailey
7. Shannon McGann
8. Maureen Stivala


Melissa said...

I'm emailing you right now, but just in case, sign me up sister!

Many Blessings,

pescbrico said...

Do you take only US swappers or do you take around the world swappers? Just a question. It's an interesting swap! I cannot joint because I'm not sure I would be able to fullfill the request but I just tought I asked in case someone else had the question! :) Have a good Sunday :)

Tracy.H said...

Would love to, but don't think I can on this one. We leave in 9 more sleeps and will have a ton of things to do. But maybe the next one! :0)

Anonymous said...

Yes, sign me up....I was just thinking of this myself, hehehe great minds think alike Alex!

Denise~ said...

Hey Alex, go ahead and sign me up! Sounds like fun. I'll email you later just to be sure you get this and to get your addy. :)

sisjulie1 said...

I think I'm interested, but I want to make sure I understand what we're doing. First of all what does ATC mean? Do the embellishments need to be SU too? Do we mail 8 cards that are the same to you and then you distribute the others in the group? I'm a rather new addict and would love to join a swap, but don't want to mess it up.

Erin... said...

I haven't done a swap in awhile sign me up!!!

Vicki said...

And just how did my name get on there, lol. She's veeery good at persuading, lol.