February 4, 2008


Hi y'all! I have been very busy doing life things today- you know, returning movies, cleaning, laundry, groceries, that kind of stuff. That means, I have yet to get to stamp anything BUT I will be in there tonight because I MUST get ready for my Friday workshop!! However, I did get the most gorgeous birthday cards in the mail today from my SBS sisters and I have to share them. They are fabulous! The first one is from Suzanne who has a fantastic blog and is currently offering blog candy so make sure you check it out! Isn't it cute - I am love with this hedgehog and now I have a card of my own with him - thanks so much Suzanne! The second one is from Natalie (aka Natty) and is so stinkin' cute, I love it! Make sure you check out her blog, she does some really amazing things over there! Thanks Natty! I feel so special that you all thought enough of me to send me a birthday card - that is sooooo cool!! And, for those of you who HAVE to know (I was going to keep it a secret) I am turning 41 (yes, 41!!!) on the 7th of February!! Aaackkkk!! How did this happen!! Last year I was so depressed turning 40, but this year does not seem to be bothering me as much! I guess I am resigned to being in my forties!!!! So, on to the fact of the day!
When people ask me what I do (or did) in the Navy, most respond with Wow! That is such a big accomplishment, I bet that has made you feel so proud! And yes, it does, BUT it is by no means my biggest accomplishment, at least not to me. That would have to be my children - Zach, Tyler, and Kayla who are the light of my life and my reason for being! I thank God every day for blessing me with these wonderful beings in my life! Zach is 18 now and away at the Naval Academy on his way to the start of his officer career in the Marine Corps (yep, he left the fold!) and has turned out to be such a fine young man! And Tyler, my 13-year old who still hugs me and tells me he loves me no matter where we are or who is around (yep, even in front of his WHOLE basketball team), and my baby Kayla who just turned 11 and is so much fun to spend time with and go shopping with and do all of those girly things with! Yes, they are the singular most important thing that has happened in my life (tied with marrying my husband) and I feel so lucky that every now and then I have to pinch myself - LOL!
So, that's the fact of the day - pretty sappy I know, but it's me so what can I say! I will be back tomorrow with some of my own creations to share!! Toodles!


Deborah said...

Happy belated birthday Alex! Wonderful cards that you received! Hugs, Deb

malieta said...

Happy Birthday to you Alex!
Your RAKs are adorable and I enjoy reading your facts! Have a wonderful day Alex.
p.s. After reading your post, I realize I have to return some movies also:)

Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

Happy Birthday, Alex!....and anniversary AND a birthday just days apart!....You need your gift-days spread further apart!...hehehehe...You bless my heart.....TFS

Melissa said...

Isn't it the best to get hand made cards unexpectedly?!

Happy Birthday!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Happy Birthday! Great cards!

Manna said...

I get teary eyes reading your fact for today! TFS a little about you everyday! Great cards you received also! Mine's on the way! Hope you'll like it! ~ Manna SBS9

NattyK said...

You are very welcome, I am so glad you liked the card, have a great birthday on Thursday. x

Rose Ann said...

Lovely birthday cards!! Happy birthday, Alex!

I just turned 41 on my birthday, and I don't think the 40's are so bad either. ;)