August 5, 2007


Good morning all! I have a story to share today. It's about the mail. You see, I have to drive down to a set of mailboxes to check my mail each day and my habit is to skim through the mail and then set it in the center console until I get home. Well, I guess one piece of my mail had slipped down underneath the drivers seat(I have no idea when) and when I was cleaning out the car yesterday - bam! There was a card there for me from a wonderfully thoughtful stamper who goes by the name lacyquilter - check out her wonderful creations on SCS, she does gorgeous work! Anyway, imagine my delight at receiving one of her beautiful cards, how thoughtful is she??!!! I wanted to share it with you all because it is absolutely gorgeous - so here it is! Have an awesome Sunday and thanks again Melody - you made my day!!!

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